Star Wars - New Beginnings

Imperial Entanglements

Session Summary

The group started out on their ship on Tatooine.

Rex wasn’t feeling well so he decided that he would stay on the ship instead of venturing out with the marauders. Psycho opted to stay behind and try to play mind tricks on the ill Rex. Since Rex did not object when Psycho made his intentions known, the rest of the marauders decided not to step in. Cassana (Vanessa) was thrilled that someone else “volunteered” to stay with the ship so that she could venture out. She grabbed her gear and met the rest of the group (Levo 5-12, Traced, Dylan, and myself) at the ships exit.

Traced received a response to his message that he sent the person seeking out the hyperdrive motivator. It did not tell us whom we were to meet, but it did tell us to bring the hyperdrive motivator to a spaceship repair center called “Releks Repairs”. We discussed this as a group and decided that we would swap out the repaired “superior” hyperdrive motivator with our ship’s hyperdrive motivator and would sell the individual the ship’s hyperdrive motivator instead of the one Traced had successfully repaired. Our plan of action was that Dylan and Traced would bring the hyperdrive motivator to Releks Repairs and the rest of us would be staked out about 1 block away from the shop.

We all boarded our land speeder and set out. Levo 5-12, Cassana, and I found a bar with a view of the shop and decided to set up there so that we could get out of the sun. We found a table with a mediocre view of the shop’s entrance and noticed that a fairly large group of space pirates had the tables with the good view. While we were waiting, what appeared to be the leader of the space pirates approached our table and accused us of spying on his group. Levo 5-12 got into the way of the pirate captain and intentionally bumped him. This caused the pirate captain to place his hand on his blaster and look directly at Levo 5-12. Levo 5-12 responded by placing its hand on its vibro axe. Neither escalated the situation or seemed willing to back down. I explained to the pirate that our group had no interest in his group. The reason that we were looking in his direction is that his group had setup nearest the window area and we were trying to look out the window.

It was a mere coincidence and not an attempt to threaten the group. The pirate captain thought about this and decided that it was a valid explanation so he took his hand off of his blaster and returned to his group. A few minutes later, we saw Traced and Dylan heading to another shop with a Trandoshan*. After a quick conversation, we decided to leave the bar and head towards the other shop in case our colleagues needed our help.

While we were still walking to the shop, the trio re-emerged. The Trandoshan headed back to Releks Repairs and our colleagues headed towards the land speeder. We adjusted our route and met up at the land speeder. Once we had all boarded, Traced explained to us that the Trandoshan was Releks and was the individual seeking the hyperdrive motivator. Releks had tested the hyperdrive motivator and expressed his desire to pay less than his offer of 5,000 credits because the hyperdrive motivator had logged some serious mileage. He offered Traced & Dylan 3,500 credits. Dylan called Releks out for expecting a brand new hyperdrive motivator for a measly 5,000 credits and told Releks that he should be lucky that the hyperdrive motivator being offered was in as good of shape as it was. After some back and forth, Releks relented and agreed to pay the original offer of 5,000 credits. However, since neither Traced nor Dylan had a credit stick, they had to go to the bank so that Releks could withdraw that much hard currency to pay the pair. Dylan asked where the bank was and Releks stated that it was just down the street. Dylan and Traced agreed to accompany Releks to the bank.

We were thrilled to hear that the sale was a success and we discussed what our next mission should be. I proposed that we try to learn more about the potential location of any Krayt dragons and Traced obliged by logging in to the local public data terminal to do a search. The only information that he could obtain from the standard net was that there were 2 Krayt dragon museums on Tatooine. I asked him to check the dark net and he agreed to try. Traced was unable to access the dark net due to changes in the security protocols. However, he was able to identify that the individual who had recently upgraded the security went by the name of Sasha. As we were finishing up at the data terminal, we noticed a squad of imperials show up at Releks Repairs. They were being led by the same imperial officer we had seen leave the bank yesterday. Traced took a moment to search the data terminal for information about the imperials on Tatooine and found a site loaded with conspiracies stating that an imperial frigate had taken orbit around Tatooine a couple days earlier. Traced was able to identify the author as Jerek and figure out that Jerek is a human who lives on the far side of town in the slums and works in the spaceport at the Dockmaster’s office. Traced took another couple of minutes to check the history of Jerek’s posts and found that he only ever wrote posts about imperials landing on or leaving Tatooine. We decided to pursue this and see if Jerek might be able to give us more insight as to what the imperials were looking for on Tatooine. All the while, Dylan made it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with this and kept pushing for us all to just pack up and leave Tatooine.

We went back to our ship in the docks to reset and get ready. Traced, Cassana, and I were going to go to the Dockmaster’s office under the pretense that we were there to get current with our docking fees. We were hopeful that we would be able to identify Jerek and that we might be able to get more information from him. The rest of the group was going to remain on our ship.

When we arrived at the Dockmaster’s office there were three employees, but none of them were wearing name badges. I went up to one of the employees working at a desk and explained what we were there for and he looked up our account. Our balance was 30 credits, which I paid out of the group fund. I was just about to start asking questions when two other individuals entered the Dockmaster’s office. The bigger of the two wore chains around his neck, had a gold tooth and tattoos all over his body. He carried a heavy blaster. His colleague was of normal build and was carrying a blaster carbine. They announced that they were bounty hunters on an imperial contract and they wanted the Dockmaster’s help in finding someone named Dylan. The Dockmaster explained that his employees were very busy and that such a task would take time. Traced spoke up and offered his help to the Dockmaster. The Dockmaster looked at Traced, ignored his comment, and asked if we had finished our transaction. Traced stated that we had and the Dockmaster firmly stated that we should leave. We acquiesced to his request.

We quickly chatted and Traced explained to us that he was trying to slow or sabotage their search and wasn’t really planning on helping the bounty hunters find Dylan. Cassana suggested that we find a public data terminal and search the area for a private data terminal. She explained that if Traced was able to hack into the system using a data terminal with appropriate access, he could change the records and send the bounty hunters on a wild goose chase. Traced loved the idea and we set off for the public data terminal. Once he logged in, Traced was able to identify a few locations with private data terminals. A quick discussion later and we were heading to the security office.

The security office had one sleepy officer on duty who begrudgingly stood up and buckled his belt as we walked in. When addressed, Traced explained that we were there doing our civic duty by informing the officer that there were two bounty hunters at the Dockmaster’s office who were strong arming the employees into helping them. The guard was not happy to hear of this and set out to the Dockmaster’s office to learn more about the situation. Once the officer was gone, I kept watch and Traced and Cassana set about hacking the system. Traced was able to learn that three imperial shuttles landed on Tatooine 3 days ago and had partitioned off their area of the docks. The imperials were accompanied by a captain and a lieutenant, which is very unusual. Traced identified the officer that we had seen twice in the last two days as the lieutenant. Traced found Dylan’s record and saw that it was associated with our ship on dock 12. Traced worked some magic with the computers and reassigned Dylan’s record to a ship named the “Morning Star” which had left yesterday morning. Traced logged out of the system and we all left the office and headed back to our ship.

Upon returning, we explained to everyone what had happened. Dylan became very insistent that we leave immediately, but we were able to convince him to give us 6 hours to see if Traced’s efforts were successful. Levo 5-12, Traced, and I decided that if we took a circuitous route, we could walk past the Dockmaster’s office on the way to the café. When we arrived at the office, I saw that the same employee who had rung up our transaction was sitting at his desk enjoying his lunch. Traced stated that he wanted to speak to the Dockmaster and offer up his sincere apologies for assuming that he could even help. The employee told us that the Dockmaster was in the café with 4 other dock managers and that we could try back later. Traced verbalized his understanding. We left the office and continued our journey to the café.

When we walked through the café doors I spotted two tables pulled together with roughly one dozen people of military bearing in civilian clothes watching everyone who came in and left the café. They were very obvious about what they were doing, these were quite clearly not members of the military with intelligence gathering skills. I pointed them out to Levo 5-12 and Traced. Traced had identified where the Dockmaster was eating and he had decided that now was a good time to apologize. Levo 5-12 and I decided to get a I saw Traced approach the Dockmaster and say something to him. This caused the Dockmaster to speak into a communicator of some sort. I told Levo 5-12 what I saw and we decided to get up and leave before we could become affiliated with Traced and whatever he may or may not have done. We made it out into the hallway and noticed security personnel coming from both sides. We made our play to continue to walk past the guards as if nothing was amiss. We were successful. The guards walked right past us and into the café. We noticed Traced being led out of the café by the four guards. We decided to follow at a distance in case he ended up needing our help. The guards took Traced back to the Dockmaster’s office. We set up in an alley close enough to the office where we could hear what was said if the door was left open. It was. We heard the security guard who had been left to keep an eye on Traced ask him what his problem with bounty hunters is. Levo 5-12 mumbled something to me about having to have a chat with Traced the next time they were alone. I smiled to myself. Traced responded, “I hate those bastards! They do the grunt work that imperials can’t do. I like imperials more than I like bounty hunters!” We heard some shuffling and what sounded like someone sitting themself down in a chair closer to the door and then we heard Traced say, “I mean, I don’t like imperials, but I HATE bounty hunters.” At this, Levo 5-12 and I had our hands full with preventing ourselves from becoming delirious with laughter. Eventually, the
Dockmaster and head of security came to speak with Traced. After a short interrogation, the head of security stated that Traced is a troublemaker and that it would be better for them if they banned him from using the dock for the rest of Traced’s life. The Dockmaster agreed. Traced argued his case to be able to retain the ability to travel to and from his ship. The head of security relented and said that if Traced paid a fine of 50 credits then Traced would retain the ability to travel to and from his ship. Traced agreed and paid the fine to the employee who had been eating his lunch at his desk when we As Traced left the office, we emerged to join him. We both asked what he had done to warrant such treatment. Traced stated that all he had done was approach the Dockmaster at his lunch table while the Dockmaster was eating with the heads of 4 other departments on the docks. Traced said that he apologized to the Dockmaster for overstepping his boundaries and explained that if the Dockmaster had taken Traced on to help with the search for Dylan that Traced would have hindered the investigation in every way possible. Traced said that he told the Dockmaster that he would have done this because he doesn’t like bounty hunters. Levo 5-12 and I were so overtaken with laughter at Traced’s obvious incompetence that we each gave him 25 credits to cover the cost of his fine. I said that I would have paid more to go to a comedy show and was not sure that I would have had anything close to the entertainment that Traced had provided for the afternoon. Traced was visibly upset by Levo 5-12 and my reactions, but he did accept our credits nonetheless. As we walked, Traced noted that his receipt had the employee’s name on it and that the name was Jerek. We had taken the long route, but finally identified the individual with whom we had originally intended to speak.

We continued on to our ship in silence. As we approached our ship’s dock, we noticed a group in dock 10. A quick inspection yielded that there we over 20 stormtroopers along with the lieutenant we had seen previously and the captain who had an ISB logo on his uniform searching the dock where the Morning Star had been moored the previous day. This confirmed for us that the bounty hunters and the imperials were all on Tatooine for the same purpose…locating our colleague, Dylan.Once we were back on board our ship, I approached Dylan with all the subtlety of a brick to the face and asked him what the F he had done to warrant a group of imperials to take the time to search for him. At first, Dylan was adamant that all he had done was crash his vehicle into a high ranking imperial’s house. I called BS. There was no way that this amount of resources would be committed to finding him if all he had done was crash into a house. Dylan eventually relented that his real name isn’t Dylan. His real name is Kaven Hunter and he had served in the imperial navy. Kaven said that he had become disillusioned with the imperial navy and wanted out. However, he did not just go AWOL. Kaven had sold imperial secrets regarding imperial ship routes to smugglers. When Kaven finally left the imperial navy he too became a smuggler. That story seemed more like a reason the imperial navy would be hunting him.

Levo 5-12 and Cassana noticed that some imperials were carrying a hyperdrive motivator and approached them to see if they needed help. They explained that their ship needed a new one and that they had purchased this one from Releks Repairs. They were going to install it on their ship and once the repair was done they would be leaving Tatooine.

The group agreed to Kaven’s request to leave Tatooine. Kaven suggested that they go to Nar Sada since it was in Hutt space and should have no imperials. Once on Nar Sada, the group would be able to lay low for a while and let the heat cool down before venturing out again. The group called in to the Dockmaster that they would be leaving and then took off. The imperial blockade did hail the ship, but the marauders were able to get through with minimal effort.

The session ended with the group on their ship en route to Nar Sada.

Profits and expense

  • 5,000 credits from the sale of the hyperdrive motivator
    • Dispersed evenly amongst Levo 5-12, Traced, Kaven, Cassanda, and Se
  • Levo 5-12 and Set split the cost of the fine and paid 25 credits each
  • Ship’s docking fees Paid out of the group fund

Group fund
Group fund previous balance: 75 credits

  • 30 credits deducted for docking fees
    New Group Fund balance: 45 credits

Awarded experience for session

  • 5 for playing in the session
  • 5 for completing session
    Net 10 experience per marauder (plus bonus, if applicable)

Bonus Experience

New rule: No one can win both a Game Play vote & a Role Play vote in a single session

 Game Play (worth 5 exp)

 Role Play (worth 5 exp)

 Session write up (worth 5 exp)

Getting Feet Wet on Tatooine
Getting Feed Wet on Tatooine

Session Summary

as retold by Set

The group started out in a tavern on Tatooine.

We were all enjoying the atmosphere of the tavern and the local fare, but a few of us were starting to get antsy for a bit more. Dylan and I decided to go and chat up the barkeep to rustle up some work while Psycho & Levo 5-12 decided to go shoot some intergalactic billiards.

Dylan and I were able to sweet talk our way into the barkeep’s kind graces and learned that the settlement’s bank was looking for a group for a job. He didn’t have any specifics on the job, but gave us a person to contact at the bank if we were interested. We thought that the bank was an odd place to dole out work to people with our particular sets of skills, but we figured we’d check it out. The worst thing that would happen would be that we decided to walk away from the job. After we thanked the barkeep with financial compensation we turned to head back to the group when we heard a commotion by the billiards table.

We looked up just in time to see Levo 5-12 give a celebratory “WHOOP! – hic”. We asked a patron next to us what had just happened and she said that Levo 5-12 hit a pretty epic double shot in the game and the other player was accusing Levo 5-12 of cheating. We watched a bit of back and forth between Levo 5-12, Psycho and the other player. It appeared as though our colleagues had assured the player that Levo 5-12 was not cheating and had just hit a lucky shot since the game continued on after their conversation ended. This interaction incited many of the tavern’s patrons to stop what they were doing and begin making wagers on the game. Later in the game, his opponent hit a shot almost as amazing as Levo 5-12’s double shot much to the delight of those wagering on the game. The match was fairly close which made for an interesting game. Eventually, Levo 5-12 managed to eek out the win.

Once Levo 5-12 completed his game, Dylan and I returned to our original table to find Rex and Traced having an in depth conversation about the seasonings used in the inn’s stew. Just as I was about to state that I felt that despite the stew’s delicious seasoning it could use more meat, Levo 5-12 and Psycho returned to the table. The whole group congratulated Levo 5-12 on a terrific game. We listened as he recounted the tale to Rex and Traced who seemed to not even have noticed that the event had occurred.

Once Levo 5-12 was done with his captivating tale, Dylan took the opportunity to tell the group what we had learned from the barkeep. As a whole we were tentative, but decided that not too much could go wrong at a bank and decided that we would check out the lead.

On our way, we noticed an information kiosk and Traced mentioned that we should check that out for business opportunities as well. The group agreed that it was worth a look so Traced approached the terminal. Upon logging in, Traced noticed that it would cost us 1 credit (yes…1 credit) to access the terminal. Traced mumbled something about the optional nature of such a request to one as talented as he and decided to use his impressive skills to slice the system. Trace was successful at slicing the system, but he triggered an alarm in the process. Realizing that it did not make sense for the entire group to end up in jail, the group had a quick discussion and decided that Psycho would stay with Traced and everyone else would continue on their way to the bank.

When Psycho and Traced made it to the bank, Psycho explained that they had had a little run in at the terminal. Psycho stated that he kept watch for guards while Traced scoured the terminal for jobs. Traced successfully confirmed the bank job and identified a second job paying 5,000 credits for a hyperdrive motivator as Psycho suggested that they begin their retreat. Unfortunately, they were too slow. The pair had moved into the street and were almost to the alley when the police turned the corner. Psycho and Traced were the only people on the street so the police stopped them assuming that they were to blame for the alarm. Traced tried to explain, but began to put his foot in his mouth so Psycho stepped in and explained to the police that Traced was “special needs” and must have tripped the alarm while doing some research. Having spoken to Traced, the police did not think that Psycho was lying and agreed to let the pair off with a warning if one of them went back to the terminal and paid for the access. Psycho agreed and Traced went back to the terminal to pay the access fee. All the while mumbling that the terminal should be free to the public. The police did not make mention of Traced’s mumblings, but did walk away once they saw that the fee had been paid.

As Psycho was finishing his story, the group noticed an imperial officer emerge from the bank. Everyone knew how rare an imperial officer on Tatooine is and the group had a quick conversation about what this could mean. In the end, the group decided to continue to pursue the lead, but keep on their toes. When the group approached the bank’s entrance they noticed that the doors were locked. Dylan went up to the door and knocked. The doorman who answered the knock explained that the bank had a strict policy and that he would only be allowing two members into the bank no matter the group’s clout or contact. Dylan and I volunteered to go as our group’s representatives and no one objected to the plan. Once we were inside the bank, the doorman locked the entryway and brought us to our contact person’s office. When we met up with the person offering the job, he explained that the bank had given out a loan to a group of never-do-wells in order for them to buy a land speeder and 2 crates of condensers. However, the group had not been making their payments so the bank wanted us to repossess the items for them. We obtained all of the information that we could about the probable whereabouts of the brigands and agreed on a 3,000 credit fee upon successfully completing the job. We verbalized our understanding and took our leave to return to our group and explain the job.

We realized that the brigands’ camp was too far to walk so we decided to go rent a land speeder to help us get to where we needed to go in a realistic amount of time. We followed the directions that we were given and eventually saw the camp in the distance. We decided to stop about 200 meters away from the camp in order to have Levo 5-12 and Dylan do some reconnaissance. When the pair returned, they informed us that there was a large group of about 11 – 15 in the camp. They were able to identify that there were a couple land speeders in the camp as well as myriad boxes and livestock. The group agreed that a frontal assault against a group of that size would be ill advised so we began brainstorming for ways to decrease the number of brigands in the camp. The group settled on having Traced pilot our rented land speeder through the camp in an attempt to get some of the brigands to chase him out of the camp leaving less defenders behind. He would continue his mission for 2 minutes out of camp and then turn around and return to camp. I volunteered to be the gunner for Traced so he would have someone to help fend off his pursuers if they were able to get too close to the land speeder.

Traced and I prepared the speeder for what we assumed was going to be an epic pursuit while the rest of the group got into position. When our preparations were complete we sped through the camp whooping and calling the brigands all sorts of colorful names. We were successful in gaining their attention causing a group of them to jump onto one of the land speeders and begin pursuit. I called out to the Force to protect my colleagues, as the battle was about to begin. Traced was pushing the speeder for all it was worth yet the brigands were keeping pace and looking as though they were beginning to gain on us. That was when Traced told me to hold on and he began to pull off some legendary maneuvers. He went up a sand dune and managed to bank at our maximum speed, he pulled a loopdeloo around another embankment, and he also pulled off a Tokyo Drift type move to perfection. Each maneuver put us further and further ahead of the brigands. I called up to Traced to ask him to back off just a little bit or I feared that the brigands would abandon their pursuit and return to their camp. Traced begrudgingly acknowledged my point and even let the brigands catch up to us by a tiny bit. After our 2 minutes had elapsed, we headed back to the camp. Much to our delight, our colleagues had handled the remaining brigands during our absence. We quickly formed up in preparation for the return of the brigands who had given Traced and I chase. That battle was swift and decisive! We suffered no loses on our side and had come away with not only the land speeder that we were sent for, but other goods (see “Victory Spoils” below) as well. We loaded up the land speeders and headed back to the settlement’s bank.

On our way back to the settlement, Levo 5-12, Psycho, Dylan, and Rex regaled us with the stories of their battle with the brigands. It was a story filled with close calls and mighty heroics. I’m not too sure how much of Rex’s story was exactly as it transpired, but it was fun to listen to nonetheless! Psycho and I kept hinting to the group that we are very interested in hunting down Krayt Dragons while we are on Tatooine for their coveted Krayt Dragon Pearls. We explained that we both have the desire to craft lightsabers and the Pearls are vital to their construction. The group verbalized their understanding and willingness to help us achieve our goal. We were very excited for our success in battle as well as the extra spoils we were able to commandeer. Traced was talking about how we should check out junkyards on Tatooine to find a hyperdrive motivator. He wasn’t exactly sure how we would collect the fee for the job since the job did not list a point of contact, just an option to “reply” to the ad. Traced convinced us all to help him with this task when he explained that even if we don’t get to cash in on the job we will then be able to have a backup hyperdrive motivator for our ship. It seemed like a very solid argument to us.
Upon arriving back in the settlement, we returned to our ship to unload our victory spoils. Once the land speeders were unloaded, we returned our rented one to the rental place and took the one we were sent to repossess back to the bank. Dylan and I met with the banker and he was happy with the turn around time and success of our group. He quickly paid us our fee and asked us to leave immediately. On our way out, Dylan asked the banker if an imperial officer had been to the bank in the last couple of days. The banker refused to answer us and continued to walk us out of the bank. When we reached the front door, the banker unlocked it and ushered us out into the street thanking us again for our rapid turn around time on the job. We heard him throw the locks closed from the other side of the door as soon as it was shut.

When Dylan and I returned to the group, we were informed that Traced had located two hyperdrive motivators. Unfortunately, they were both broken. Luckily, we have Traced! Traced and Psycho met with the first junk yard dealer who was willing to part with his hyperdrive motivator for 1,000 credits. They decided to check out the other hyperdrive motivator before making their decision. At the second junk yard, they found the hyperdrive motivator in slightly better shape than the first. Psycho had a nice conversation with the junk yard dealer who was willing to trade the broken hyperdrive motivator to us for our disabled land speeder that we acquired during our repo run.

Traced realized after inspecting the newly acquired hyperdrive motivator that he needed a couple new tools to repair it correctly. He sought out and acquired the required tools and set to the repairs. He new exactly what the problem was and not only repaired the issue, but also granted the item “superior” status. Once he successfully completed the repair, Traced replied to the message on the job forum.

The session ended with the group hanging out together and waiting for a response regarding the hyperdrive motivator job.

Victory Spoils

• 3 Vibro Axe
• Levo 5-12 (Todd)
• Rex (Cooper)
• Set (Sean)
• 3 Blasters
• Psycho (Chris)
• Traced (Mike)
• Ship locker
• 6 Slug Throwers
• Levo 5-12
• Traced
• Ship locker
• Remaining three sold
• Net 625 credits
• 2 Data Pads
• Dylan (Mark)
• Traced
• 1 Emergency Med Kit
• Traced
• 4 Stim Packs
• Dylan
• 3 Psycho
• 2 Crates (Food & Manufactured Goods)
• Placed on ship
• Purposefully not specifically identified
• 2 Crates (Condensers)
• Returned to bank
• 1 Land Speeder (Dent in front)
• Returned to bank
• 1 Disabled Land Speeder
• Traded to junk yard for broken hyperdrive motivator
• 1,000 credits
• 300 given to Psycho for fronting the land speeder rental
• Net 700 credits
• 4 fusion lanterns
• 4 Ship locker
• 3 Gaffey Sticks
• to be sold
• 3,000 imperial credits
• Reward for completing bank repo job

• Traced’s tool kit
• Cost 350 credits
• Parts to repair hyperdrive motivator
• Cost 1,500 credits

• Remaining credits: 2,475
• Dispersed evenly amongst Levo 5-12, Traced, Psycho, Rex, Dylan, and Set
• Yields: 400 credits per marauder with 75 in the group fund
• Awarded experience for session
• 10 for playing in the session
• 10 for completing session
• Net 20 experience per marauder (plus bonus, if applicable)

Bonus Experience
New rule: No one can win both a Game Play vote & a Role Play vote in a single session

• Chris (GP 5xp)
• Mike (GP 5xp)

• Mark (RP 5xp)
• Sean (RP 5xp)

• Sean (Session write-up 5xp)


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